A Class School of Motoring

Early Bird (Under 17)

Early Bird (Under 17) And Foundation Driving lessons

Are you 15 and want to get a head start on driving? Do you get stressed when out on the roads with other cars? Do you find yourself panicking and feeling like you are not progressing?

At A-Class School of Motoring we offer the chance to learn the basic car controls with our experienced instructors, without the worry of dealing with the pressures of traffic, on our private off-road facility. *You must be a minimum of 15 years old and be able to reach the pedals.


Time permitting, we'll cover the following skills:

  • Moving off and stopping, including uphill, downhill, hand brake and foot brake starts

  • Clutch control

  • Braking sense

  • Steering and positioning

  • Turning into and out of junctions

  • Gear changing up and down

  • Reversing

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