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Are older drivers quicker to pass?

I recently saw some new research which says older drivers are quicker to pass their driving test.

older driver Eddie

In my many years of teaching and helping young and older drivers to be safe on the road, I’ve seen a number of reasons why older people may pass faster than their younger counterparts. These could be:

  • They have more world experience and can transfer that to driving
  • They have more ability to pay and therefore can afford to have more frequent driving lessons
  • They may be more driven to passing their test as they may need it for a new job or career or a change to their personal circumstances like starting a family or losing a family member
  • They’ve learnt over the years how to evaluate things logically, helping to make calm sensible decisions
  • They may appreciate more that there are consequences to their actions and have empathy for other road users

I’ve also seen in older learners who’ve taken driving lessons with us some reasons they may take longer to pass.

  • An older driver may have chosen not to learn at a younger age. Some have witnessed a car crash which scared them enough not to want to learn
  • They may have trouble with learning or coping with driving. They need to be nurtured and gently pushed along to help build their confidence which can take longer

Are you someone in Shrewsbury or Oswestry or around who didn’t pass your driving test in your teens? If you’re thinking about driving lessons, we’d be happy to chat to you. Please feel free to contact us.

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