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Could you pass your driving test again?

There’s new research about how confident people are about retaking their driving test. The results are surprising, with British drivers saying they’d fail their test over seven years after taking it.

Driving lessons Shrewsbury

When you take your driving lessons you are training to drive to a minimum standard in order to pass your test. This is the base level which should be built upon as you get more and more experienced as a driver.

Unfortunately a lot of people seem to believe that once they hold a full license then they don’t have to adhere to their training anymore. Over time bad habits set in as drivers take short cuts (sometimes literally!). Eventually the wrong way of doing things becomes the normal way of doing things.

Most drivers recognise they no longer do things correctly and are putting themselves and others at risk.

My advice is to look back at your training. Remembering this alongside the experiences you have gained from the miles that have followed will enable you to become a better driver.

If you feel your driving would benefit from some extra training we would be happy to help you with a refresher course.

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