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Intensive Driving Course

An intensive course can be undertaken over an agreed time scale to suit you. This can span from one day to three weeks.

In the UK an average pupil can take 40 hours to be ready to take their driving test from scratch. A course to take you from the very beginning to your driving test would typically be conducted over 8 days, 5 hours training per day with your driving test taking place at the end of the last day of training.


Saving time and money with an assessment before you start your intensive driving course

We highly recommend if you choose an intensive course that you undertake an assessment first. This will allow us to have a better understanding of where you are in terms of your knowledge and how you will progress forward. This will then give us more of an idea of how many hours of training you will require to bring you up to a safe standard to take your driving test. This means you don’t pay for training that you don’t need and you meet the required standard at the end of your training.

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